Regulated Forex Brokers — Complete List for 2020

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Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

Cryptobitup is a floor providing its customers with the opportunity to make financial transactions with numerous popular cryptocurrencies, as well as, most recently, on the Forex market. Minimum initial deposit is quite high - $500. Beginners could find this option unfavourable, but more experienced traders know that exactly this amount is usually the best option for full-fledged work.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

CryptoRocket is a broker of choice for numerous traders to execute trades in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many other products. The company sees its core goal in providing an understandable yet effective trading practice for each and every customer. Moreover, CryptoRocket customers are happy to take advantage of ultra-fast order execution, ultimately low spreads, and one of the best pricing in the field.


Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

Darwinex was established in 2012 as a technology provider. Darwinex is a partner of choice for traders who'd like to amplify their skills and have a verifiable track record. Darwinex conducts business under strict regulatory standards, as it is authorized and regulated by the UK FCA, 586466. Darwinex has its headquarters in London and a development office in Spain.

DIF Broker

Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

DIF Broker is a trusted brokerage company incorporated in 1999 by a group of Portuguese entrepreneurs. The company was founded with the main aim to meet the needs of both traders and investors and offer them traditional as well as personalized service at the time when thousands of new investors were operating in the financial markets.

Divisa Capital Group

Cashback rate is 100% of a part of the spread

“Divisa Capital Group” — is the company that implemented the innovative approach to marketing and services management in the financial direction. The broker offers to use the unified system to make investments in all assets classes.