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Cashback rate is 80% of a part of the spread

Yardoption: reliable broker which appreciates customers. It is always good to have a reliable Forex broker. Yardoption is a reliable broker which cares for every trader. There are many offers on the market from companies that are ready to do whatever it takes just so you open a trading account with them. But when the client has already made an investment, he is often left alone to deal with the trading platform and the entire Forex market, all by himself. Yardoption believes that the comprehensive support of traders at every stage on a trading platform is a service that every client should receive absolutely for free, and not just those clients who brought $ 100,000 with them. Yardoption also thinks that all features of the platform should be available for traders: the widest range of trading instruments, binary options trading, reliable sms-signals, and trust management accounts. You can evaluate all the advantages of the platform yourself by reading the reviews of the Forex broker Yardoption.

If the company you are trading with is not in the list of brokers provided below, please write to us and we will consider your application for adding a new broker.