Detailed terms of the promotion

Detailed terms of the promotion:
  1. Duration of the promotion: from January 28 to February 28, 2014.

  2. Promotion is valid for Classic and Market Pro accounts that are not connected to the Stop-out insurance promotion.

  3. To participate, customer switches their trading account (Classic or Market Pro) to the promotion in the personal area provided that personal data has confirmed status. Further, it is not allowed to change selected account.

  4. Bonus is equal to 44% of each replenishment over 200 USD /150 EUR nominated in deposit currency. If final amount is reduced in result of conversion, payment of fee or other charge, the replenishment amount is not qualified for bonus.

  5. If from the beginning of promo to the moment of replenishment net debit (replenishments minus withdrawals) is negative, bonus is not credited.

  6. Fund transfer between accounts, affiliate commissions and any bonuses provided by the company are not considered as replenishments. Fund transfer from one account to another is considered as withdrawal.

  7. The maximum bonus amount credited under this promotion should not exceed 3 000 USD / 2300 EUR.

  8. The bonus is entered into "credit" graph of the account and originally is not available for withdrawal, but fully participates in maintenance of equity and margin level including drawdown (Stop out level does is not changed and is equal to the rate specified in trading terms on our web-site).

  9. On condition that customer’s tradevolume from the moment of bonus credit to March 7, 2013 exceeds 44% of the bonus amount nominated in USD, bonus is entered into "balance" graph of the account and becomes available for withdrawal. For example: there is an active $ 100 USD bonus on the account, 100 USD * 44% = 44 closed lots, so this amount is required to transfer the bonus to “balance”.

  10. Bonus is fully debited from the account:

    • 10.1. April 30, 2014.

    • 10.2. If the account balance is negative and there are no open positions.

    • 10.3. In case of any withdrawal from the account, including transfer to another account.

    • 10.4. In case of meeting the requirements for bonus transition into "balance" graph.

  11. Bonus funds credited under this promotion are intended to increase trading equity. The promotion organizers reserve the right to refuse crediting the bonus or profit earned with the bonus money, if the violation of terms of the promotion takes place. At the discretion of the company, the bonus can also be deducted when the sum of fixed and floating income in the account exceeds 100% of the account balance at the time of bonus credit. For example: starting account balance is 100 USD; you make a replenishment of 3000 USD - the company adds credit bonus of 990 USD. If from the moment of bonus credit total profit including floating income is 3100 USD, bonus can be debited.

  12. The company reserves the right to change terms and duration of the promotion.