Instructions on How to Add an Account to Association’s Database

It is very easy to add an account to IAFT and begin to earn more!

All you need is:

1. Register with our website or sign in if you are a registered user.

2. Select the ‘Accounts’ Section in your Personal Office.

3. Select your broker from the list in the Personal Office.

4. Enter your trading account number in the adding account field.

5. If you have registered with a broker following our referral link, specify it by ticking Yes. If you followed another link, (e.g. through search engine) tick No.

6. Check the information and click Add.

The added account will appear in the your list of accounts. After the account is confirmed you will receive monthly payouts.

*If the company you work with is not listed, contact us, and we will consider your request to add the company into our system.