Frequently Asked Questions

No, our Association is not a Broker or a DC. We are an association of traders that receives special bonuses from various brokers for its work.
With the company your account is opened with.
Minimal limitations are set by dealing centers and brokers only. We have no limitations.
Our primary objective is to give a client an opportunity to work with the company that best meets his requirements. That’s why you can choose from a wide range of companies.
Certainly! But to do so, some brokers will require to close your old account and open a new one – it depends on your broker's policy. You can find your broker in the Brokers’ Profiles section of the website and get acquainted with the broker's requirements regarding addition of the previously opened accounts to the system.

Account registration and its maintenance are free of charge.
When you work through our Association, not only you receive a guaranteed reward for every transaction which is not the case in independent trading but you can also count on our overall protection of your interests if any disputes with your broker occur.
Yes, even if you trade in minor volumes we will be able to pay out your bonuses. Keep in mind that payout amount will correspond to the volume of opened positions.
Yes, any closed position falls under our agreement which allows us to credit your account even for unprofitable transactions.
To change the details or select another payment system you should send a request at indicating initial information and and the data to be put instead. Please note that a scanned copy of your passport must be attached to the email.
The crediting of funds is performed automatically once a month in accordance with the information specified in the Personal Office. You can withdraw your funds anytime after crediting. Withdrawing request is being processed during 24 hours.
No, we do not charge any commission for funds withdrawal.
We pay out 60% of the part of the spread on each transaction you make regardless of the loss or profit you gain. That is why we cannot perform reward payouts if you register an account but do not trade.
Our partnership (you being a client) is confirmed by your registration with the website, receiving a username and accepting the public offer agreement.
If you have an matter related to your broker’s non-fulfillment or inadequate fulfillment of his obligations, you can refer to our attorneys for assistance. Go to Legal Help section and fill out an application and you will receive an answer at your e-mail within a few days.
No additional expenditures are required while working with us. In case of commission payments (for example for opening a new account) we do it for you.
Your benefits in working with us are obvious:

- Rebate of 60% of the part of spread for every transaction

- Large insurance fund

- Free legal support

- Traders’ interests defense and comprehensive protection of their rights

- Professional affiliate program

- Independent traders’ forum

- Best selection of analytics

While working through our Association you provide yourself with worthy working conditions, only the best companies to trade with and receive a reward for that.

Being an international company, IAFT offers its traders legal support in the countries where their brokers are registered.
Overall DC rating is based on the DCs aggregate position in all of the ratings.
It's very simple – we pay out 60% of payments received from your broker. Amount of funds paid out by your broker depends on the volume of trade you performed during a month.
IAFT is the first official International Association of Forex Traders. Its principle aim is creating the most beneficial and convenient terms for traders at currency exchange.
Traders who are not IAFT members can receive legal advice. For a thorough examination of any disputes you need to be a member of the IAFT.
Insurance compensation is possible only if IAFT Ltd. company confirms brokers’ violations and cannot resolve the conflict legally. The amount of compensation is determined in the course of the investigation.
Yes, certainly. You can open as many accounts as you wish with the same company or different companies.
To withdraw your funds your need to go to the “Balance History” section in your Personal Office at our website and click “Apply for Funds Withdrawal”. The application for funds withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours. Your funds will be transferred in accordance with the payment details you specified in registering with our website.
You can add only one account.
In the contest the return is considered to be the ratio between funds earned and the total deposit.
Certainly. You can add an account for participation even one day before the end of tournament.
First of all you need to register an account through IAFT and add it in Accounts section. After the confirmation of the account it will be available for selection in My Capital section. After selecting an account the table will display your broker, account number and declared amount.