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Thread: Leverage

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkarev View Post
    i wonder if it will be possible to trade without leverage,trading will be so expensive and people will not be interested in trading but with the help of leverage trading is kinda cheap and we need to understand the use of high leverage before making use of it
    Yes, we can use leverage to trade in a broker. It will help us to trade with small amount. In freshforex, i try to maximize maximum leverage for trading. and the most important is we must know how to maximize leverage for trading.

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    Leverage is something very crucial and without that we won’t be going too far. I am currently working with OctaFX broker and with them, I am using huge leverage which is up to 1.500 while thanks to their massive rebate program, I get more help especially get I am able to get 50% back on all trading orders irrelevant to final outcome, so it’s something that keeps my license to performance at my best and able to achieve profits easily.

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    I don't know, maybe there are some people who trade without any leverages. But 1:200 and 1:300 are quite common. There's is even 1:5000 but I'm not sure it can be useful in any way.

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