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Thread: Forum with payment for messages

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    This is a great offer for every new Forex traders. They can both learn and earn from this forum. This is a good place for communicating with one another and to develop their trading systems together. I love to post messages here in order to learn and earn consistently.

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    i think IAFT and traders union must consider neteller as payment processor, neteller regulated by FCA and one think that neteller advantages is no fee for sending or withdraw between neteller account.

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    yes its nice forum and paid to the electronics banks too , its really good and very trusted forum i hope i can make proof payment as soon as possible

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    Its definitely heartening to receives a commission for submitting messages In this particular forum. we will learn and generate . Its very motivating for us for better participation In this particular Discussion board. But it should be remembered that spamming so as to get posting earning should not be tolerated On this Discussion board and we must always report this kind of posts.
    In Nsawork write-up We've instructed that we could possibly get our earnings by way of liberty reserve but in this article you talk to us about Internet money account. Its pretty confusing for us. Please make it a tiny bit clear.

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