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Thread: join this contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by waqaryounasnetwork View Post
    moderator which is the easiest way to join the contest IAFT, i need to commence please tell me after joining contest what should i do, please tell procedure


    Please follow these simple rules to join the IAFT traders contests.

    Best Regards, Tom Rink
    IAFT working with us brings you more profit!

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    thank you sir for reply, i was busy in my university exams due to this so much busy in studying, thanks a lot for giving fast reply so much splendid place for me of learning trading and winning experienced of fx market from iaft source

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    Some companies are trading in the firm, and the position holder is given a reward and bonus. An experienced trader who earns a decent amount of monthly free. The same people who experience success and good fortune as well.

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    Clifford! cheers a great deal for that guide. Doris! Congrats along with continue. I am hoping to participate at this point you i always recognize the best link, along with congrats In your completely ready received triumph. Good fortune.

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    i have a good experience of IAFT trading contests of daily,weekly and daily and weekly contest i won many time prizes but in monthly till yet i failed cause monthly contest is quite long term many time i unable to trade well for long period time.

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    Pls i want you people to emfasice more about this contest,because i don't really saticified with what i heard about this contest.please throw more light on this contest

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    Contest is indeed worthy of going for especially if we are new comers. I don’t like stupid demo contest which are year long and that makes it nearly impossible to win anything. I like short and sweet contest with fair amount of prizes to be won, it just gives extra motivate for working. All my wishes are well filled by OctaFX broker courtesy to their latest demo contest in Southampton Supreme Game, it is incredibly short contest of just 90 minutes duration yet the prizes are seriously high up to 400 dollars fixed while we can win ultimate according to our performance, it in real way the best contest for new comers like me who prefer short stuff yet the prizes are higher than longer contest.

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