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Thread: Varengold FX

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    Varengold FX

    We discuss the company Varengold FX in this topic.

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    Re: Varengold FX

    I work with this company since 1997. They have been opened in my native land. It is really reliable company. By the way, on the earned means during from 1999 for 2001 I have bought the car and have made long travel.
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    Re: Varengold FX

    Varengold FX has 3 trading platform to choose from:
    1. MetaTrader, obviously enough;
    2. MetaTrader Mobile, for active traders who can not afford being sticked to a desk monitor for the whole day;
    3. And ZuluTrade, sort of exotic one :good2:
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    Re: Varengold FX

    Varengold FX allows clients to conducts trading on options, CFDs and currency pairs. This is a no dealing desk broker.

    Traders can also participate in Varengold FX contests.
    Available next type of accounts: real, demo, Varengold Classic and Premium.
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    Re: Varengold FX

    It is very important that Varengold FX belongs to Compensatory Fund of Securities Trading Companies. Thus Fund provides fairly high level of security for your investments.
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    I think Varengold FX is already closed. Can someone please verify this?

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