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    New Section - My Capital

    Dear customers!

    Our company is putting all its efforts in improving the quality of our services and providing you with the most beneficial conditions of work.

    Today we are asking for your help to make our cooperation even more profitable for you!

    To efficiently negotiate with brokers on the matter of providing you with the best conditions we need to know the approximate amount of funds in your trading accounts.

    By providing this information in My Capital section you will help us together create the most effective offer for the broker!

    Join IAFT and make more money!

    Best Regards,
    IAFT administration.

    Best Regards, Tom Rink
    IAFT working with us brings you more profit!

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    Re: New Section - My Capital

    Great give info about money on your account, IAFT sums it up and goes to broker and says: "Our clients deposit much money in your company. We think it's high time to increase reward!!!"...)))))

    I think it looks something like this

    If to be serious, association does great work, cause always tries to make trading conditions better.

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    Re: New Section - My Capital

    Exactly! IAFT do everything to improve trading conditions for us. Therefore, all conscious traders had to fill this section :grin:
    Avoiding the phrase "I don't have time...", will soon help you to realize that you do have the time needed for just about anything you choose to accomplish in life!

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    Re: New Section - My Capital

    Thanks! Now I know for what purpose this section was created! I'll always fill it :grin:

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    Re: New Section - My Capital

    It's My capital different from My Rebate?

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