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    North America fundamentals

    Growth of consumer price index in Great Britain may facilitate strengthening of British currency, while lowering of it will not trigger any special reaction. Bank of Canada, according to majority of projections, will keep interest rate unchanged, but if it goes up than Canadian dollar will rise too, if it goes down – dollar declines.

    The major event of today will Ben Bernanke's report on monetary policy, in which market participants, over again, will be seeking any cause to wait for QE3 in the nearest future. If they uncover such a cause, than US dollar will get weaker, euro may get platform for building upward correction, gold – for growth above 1600, and dollar/yen will be able to gt close to 78.20-78.00. Otherwise, euro is not likely to fall, but gold will have a chance to return to 1550, and dollar/yen – rise to 79.20-79.60.
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    Waiting to hear from Fed's chairman about soon implementation of third round of quantitative easing or another actions aimed at stimulating of US economy, dollar is being under pressure, allowing single currency at the same time to assault resistance at 1.2320. But Ben Bernanke disappointed QE3 supporters, as he did not say practically anything new and only repeated that Fed is ready to take action any time. As a result every body began to buy American currency, but dollar bulls were punished: after falling below 22nd figure euro/dollar pair returned to 23rd.

    Bank of Canada kept its interest rte unchanged, at 1% level, this quite reflected market expectations. Net purchases of debt papers of the USA amounted to 55 billion dollars, this exceeded projected value of 41.3 billion dollars.
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    financial institution of north america kept its interest rate the same , at 1% level , this quite shown market objectives .net buys of debt documents of the USA came to 55 million money , this surpassed estimated value of 41.3 million money.

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    US Senate has approved another package of sanctions in order to deal with conflict started from Iranian nuclear program. This package consist of sanctions against companies and individuals that cooperate with Iranian powers in the area of uranium production, with enterprises of fuel, oil-chemical and gas sector, also companies which sell, rent or provide tankers for transportation of oil. So on and so forth.

    There is nothing new in the implementation of sanctions for markets and world community, but every new round of sanctions may provoke a reaction from Iranian government, that cannot be projected. Besides, Chine angry reacted on Senate's decision. All it combined support tensions on the oil market and this is surely reflects on oil quotes.
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    Retail sales in Canada went down sharply, it provoked falling of Canadian currency, which however stopped rather fast. After meeting with Greece prime minister the head of Eurogroup declared that government of the country has the last chance to convince creditors that Greece is reliable. Single currency was trading near 1.2487 resistance, but it could not overcome it. Minutes from FOMC last meeting was as unexpected surprise, it appeared that the majority of members of the committee spoke in favor of the third round of quantitative easing, if there is not stable economic growth in the country. It caused drastic fall of the US dollar and powerful growth of gold. Euro went up to 1.2552. Such a strict positions of FOMC members speaks in favor of QE3 implementation in the nearest future, but it should be also considered that after the meeting there was released not bad macroeconomic statistics on the USA, which they could not predict. Nevertheless worsening of economic indicators in the USA will increase chances that QE3 takes place.
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    today we have a new fundamental that will atleast drive the USD ,which for awhile it has been pulling back ,to the lower levels and its helping a lot of things work,us fundamentals to some extent help the cad also move,it either affects positivelyor negatively.

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    At last FOMC made a decision to launch another round of quantitative easing. It could have been that these news were not the reason for dramatic falling of the US dollar, if not the fact that Federal Reserve System did not set any limits as to the term and scale of new purchase assets program, saying only that everything depends on whether situation on labor markets and economy in general improves or get worse. Thus, taking into account positive effect from announced by Mario Draghi plan to purchase three year bonds of Eurozone trouble countries (it has led to lowering of Spanish securities yield), growth of euro against most of its competitors, including Swiss franc, looks quite logic. It also worth mentioning that euro/dollar crossed 30th figure and it does not tend to correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niqolas View Post
    today we have a new fundamental that will atleast drive the USD ,which for awhile it has been pulling back ,to the lower levels and its helping a lot of things work,us fundamentals to some extent help the cad also move,it either affects positivelyor negatively.
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    there is nothing new in the performance of activities against for trading markets and world team, all it combined support pressure on the oil market commodities its definitely estimates .

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    Canadian dollar is one of the instruments that benefits from falling of American currency at most, since big speculators significantly increased longs on it, the amount of them has already reached 101.9 thousand contracts against 66.6 thousand contracts previous week. There is still not so big demand on Australian dollar – the amount of long positions on it increased from 62.4 to 68.3 thousand contracts.
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