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Thread: Windsor Brokers

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    Windsor Brokers

    We discuss the company Windsor Brokers in this topic.

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    Re: Windsor Brokers

    I opened here an account. Well, deposits are not very small, so I was able to open only Micro - with 100$))I must admit that the sum of deposit doesn't depend on quality of services. I have the same care and help which VIP-clients have. I'm glad to cooperate with company which is regulated by FSA and BaFin. It's really reliable company :good:

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    Re: Windsor Brokers

    The company provides wide options for trading: Precious metals, futures, indexes CFDs, that are used on the biggest trading markets of the world.
    They have $100 of minimum deposit, it may dissapoint somebody though. There are lots of currecny pairs, around 30; CFD such as: Cisco Systems, eBay Inc. Amgen Inc., Citigroup Inc.

    Not a bad list of options!
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