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    We discuss the company UFXMarkets in this topic.

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    Re: UFXMarkets

    Oh, like this company very much!! I'm so glad that UFXMarkets are in IAFT's Full Brokers list! :good2:
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    Re: UFXMarkets

    They've been around since 2007, one of their advantages is nicely developed security measures, they have some sophisticated. They provide various trading instruments, like currency pairs, indexes and CFD. You can open following accounts with them: Standard, Micro, Mini, Gold and Platinum. Lucky owners of Gold and Platinum accounts enjoy some privileges... :good3:
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    Re: UFXMarkets

    Trader who work through UFXMarkets are provided with lots of useful services, as education, articles about Forex, market reviews, recommendations and tips on effective trade. The support works around a clock, different languages available. :dance2:
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    Re: UFXMarkets

    At UFXMarkets, an account allows brokers to find a real experience trading with minimal risk, by offering a leverage of 200:1.

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    Re: UFXMarkets

    UFXMarkets allow trading on commodity market too. For example one can choose to trade energies or agricultural goods.
    We can select from sugar, coffee, corn, wheat gold, silver, oil and gas.

    Such a verity of instruments inspires. :i-m_so_happy:
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    Re: UFXMarkets

    UFXMarkets has taken care of Muslims - they provide Islamic accounts especially for this people. Traders who chose this account will be able to use all the advantegous features of Standard account but witout violating any Koran rules.
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