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    New Partners

    New Partners - 4xp, FxPulp, ForexMetal, VerticalForex, SystemForex

    Dear traders!
    Every day we receive many applications from IAFT members to add new brokers. Partnership Department thoroughly analyzes every enquiry and sings partner agreement exceptionally with reliable companies that provide high-quality brokerage services in the Forex market. This time 4xp, FxPulp, ForexMetal, VerticalForex and SystemForex were added into IAFT list of partners.
    These companies provide their clients with advantageous conditions of work, wide range of trading instruments, analytical materials, various promotions, bonuses and much more.
    Information about new partners has been added to the following sections: “Compare Forex Brokers”, “Brokers' Profile”, “Help in choosing broker” and to IAFT ratings.

    AIFT Administration

    Best Regards, Tom Rink
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    Re: New Partners

    Hm.. I've heard a lot about SystemForex. Does anybody have an account at this company? What can you say about other new brokers?
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    Re: New Partners

    Great news!!!!

    IAFT is expanding enriching its brokers list with new companies. Good to know that the organization you're part of is growing and developing :good3:
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    Re: New Partners

    as of today, the SystemForex company offers five types of trading accounts: Demo, Micro, Premium, SF PRO and Zulutrade with the USD/EUR as the currency deposits. the leverage, regarding these accounts, ranges from 1:33 to 1:500. Tto start trading with this broker, a trader must have at least 10 U.S. dollars on the account. to reduce costs of the transactions is due to the help of the spread provided - from 2 pips, and...almost complete absence of the commission! :good2:
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    Any news on which brokers partnered up on 2014? I can't seem to find a link for it.

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