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    We discuss the company Fx-Trend in this topic.

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    Re: Fx-Trend

    I'm still training in Contests, but read a lot of responses about this company. I want to open the account here in future. Does anybody work with Fx-Trend? Share a response, please.

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    Re: Fx-Trend

    I am investing a couple of month, no complaints yet. They constantly improving their service and add some new helpful options. Never had delays with orders, there is an interesting feature they have, it is PAMM account, i think it worth paying attention to it.
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    Re: Fx-Trend

    Fx-Trend provides huge number of different high quality servives, for skillful Forex trader as well as for newbies who have not yet accumulated any big some of money.

    They are No Dealing Desk broker! :good3:
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