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Thread: ICM Brokers

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    ICM Brokers

    We discuss the company ICM Brokers in this topic.

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    Re: ICM Brokers

    I didn't discover the whole list of brokers on the site of IAFT, but when today I saw that ICM is association's partner...I was really glad....It's a very good company, I worked with them for 2 years...I think it gives the best conditions for traders, such as law spreads, telephone trading, instant execution, etc.

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    Re: ICM Brokers

    Working on real account, already withdrew not very big sum of money currently waiting for bigger one to come through. Support operators are responsive and helpful. There some insignifacnt drwabacks. But having read comments on other companies it turned out every comapany has some, so don't look for perfection. Preferable ofceourse to work through IAFT, as they iisue monthly additional pyamnets :good:
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