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    role of Securities marketing in each stock market broker

    Hello my friend It is new discussion in stock market section as role of security marketing in market since I ever see many of this job work in stock market and seem I ever hear in SET index as they need to find volume around 400K dollars per month and what is the role of them in stock market?

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    It's about conviction and how good you are in telling people how they can invest profitably in stocks. We can choose to call it an offline broker in a small scale because you will provide a little bit of financial advice to the potential investor and convince him on the likely return and risks of investing in securities. Remember, it is a very sensitive job because the investor would invest based on your initial advice so you will know how not to paint the image so green.

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    I don’t like Stock Market much at all. I believe it’s far better that we do Forex trading which is not just easy but also far more rewarding. I work around OctaFX and they are the best by distance. They got every luxury one can desire for and that include having steady spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while they also have magnificent 50% bonus on deposit, so all this really makes trading ever easy for me and allows me to work nicely.

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    Trading on the stock market didn't work out for me. I tried several times. I'm thinking of doing it again in order to impove my knowledge.

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    I’m interested in this topic. I want to crack the stock market little by little. Do you have any advice? what promising directions are there?

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    Who will give you the information for nothing. And about the profitable directions for investment , that’s only an assumption, you never know how much the each product will cost tomorrow, not speaking about long-term prospects.

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