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    IAFT Prize Awards 2013

    Dear IAFT customers!

    The International Association of Forex Traders confirms its title as the Best rebate project in the foreign exchange market!

    This time, we hasten to inform you that we have launched the most important annual event in the exchange industry 2014 IAFT Prize Awards. The purpose of the event is to take stock of 2013 as well as give an objective assessment of the companies` activities providing various services in the Forex market.

    We invite you to cast a vote in choosing the best company in each of the 16 nominations:

    The best broker of the CIS
    The best broker of Europe
    The best broker of the year
    The best broker of Great Britain
    The best cent broker
    The best broker of Asia
    The best broker for trading with advisors
    Opening of the year
    Dynamic development
    Innovative broker
    The best IAFT partner
    The best magazine for traders
    The best bank-broker
    The best ECN broker
    The best educational Forex website
    The Best Stock Broker of the Year
    Voting will last for 2 months March 1, 8:00 GMT to April 30, 8:00 GMT. You can vote in each category with the same IP-address only once during the entire voting period.

    The specially designed protection system against "cheating" votes and competent commission will provide honest and objective voting results of IAFT Prize Awards 2013.

    The silver sponsor for the IAFT Prize Awards has become the worldwide known company as RVD Markets Limited.

    The sponsors for the unprecedented event are also the companies such as FOREX MMCIS group, GAINSY and Mill Trade.
    Do not miss the high-profile event in the financial markets in 2014! Take part in choosing the best companies!

    If any questions arise, please contact the IAFT Prize Awards promoters.

    Best regards,
    IAFT Administration
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    Best Regards, Tom Rink
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