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    IAFT Working Schedule for 30th June 2014

    Dear traders!

    We would like to inform you that June 30, 2014 is an official day off in the Association. In this regard daily accruals and financial operations will not be made. The Support service of the International Association of Forex Traders will start working on July 1th, 2014.

    Daily accruals as well as checking the Contest №1233 with charging prize money for winning will be processed on Tuesday, 1th July 2014. Funds withdrawal requests will be also processed on July 1th, 2014.

    If you have any questions regarding the operating schedule in IAFT on 30th June 2014, please contact our support service specialists!

    Best regards,
    IAFT Administration

    Date: 27.06.2014

    Best Regards, Tom Rink
    IAFT working with us brings you more profit!

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    Thanks sir for posting this very important information. We are waiting for 1st July to make cashout requests.

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