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    A great supportive broker is MXTrade. MXTrade offering lots of trading benifits. Its ensures ECN execution. It has low tight spreads wit no requotes. MXTrade offering flexible leverage up to 400 depending on the account size. MXTrade is full of transparency . It has no hidden fees,no extra commissions. It has fast withdrawal system with flexible deposit methods. MXTrade has dedicated support of 1 on personal training and so on. Great customer service for the all customers within any moments. So MXTrade is my first choice.

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    Whatever, 1:400 trading leverage is not any standard leverage service! In my live trading account, I have 1:1000 leverage facility from broker! On the other hand, this ECN trading platform provides all of popular automatic trading services, so as a new Forex trader I am very much relaxed here! Yes, right now I am using their Social Trading Service for secure money making!

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    I think regulation should be the first noticeable point for selecting any broker. Without regulation other facilities will not be effective for any trader’s trading life as in this vast trading market we face a lot of fraud brokers. I use AAFX as my broker. This is a regulated broker and ensures fund safety over 20k. I got 1:1000 leverage from this. I has .2 pip fixed spreads on major pairs.

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