Binary Options PlatformsIt is not possible or even practical for every binary option broker to design and implement their own platform. If they did they would almost certainly have issues regarding integration with the stock markets around the world and the variety of trades and algorithms which would be needed. Instead, all brokers use one of the established, tried and tested solutions. Each platform has been designed specifically for this purpose although it is possible to personalize parts of it to ensure your customers recognize your site as compared to someone else’s.

The three main software providers are:

SpotOption – currently seen as the dominate force in the industry with over one hundred and sixty brokers.
Tradologic has approximately half the number of users but has established a reputation for being very user friendly.
TechFinancials is the current third option although there are many more recently established firms who are expanding rapidly.
TradeSmarter is one such firm, rapid growth has put them just outside the third spot, but this may simply be a matter of time. These four platforms handle nearly three hundred brokers; demonstrating both how popular and how competitive the binary options trading has become.

There are also a number of brokers which have created their own platforms; this allows them to personalize their sites according to the needs of their customers. This is a complicated process and not one that every broker would wish to indulge in.