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Thread: RoboForex

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    We discuss the company RoboForex in this topic.

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    Re: RoboForex

    i have Cent account in RoboForex... it was my first company, where i start my trading :grin:

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    Re: RoboForex

    Almost one year with Robo and there were not any considerable drawbacks, a couple of times had arguments with support, but we understood each other eventually. Compared to others these guys are quite acceptable, we can work here.
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    Re: RoboForex

    This sounds great, excellent for a beginner since it requires small deposit.
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    Re: RoboForex

    I adore this firm, especially for fast order execution. There were some delays during very busy movement but not more. Generally conditions of trade are quite acceptable. Just for the sake of an experiment I order money withdrawal in the sum of 10 US dollars and got my money in half an hour (never expected to be it so fast :o )
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    Re: RoboForex

    I have worked with quiet a few brokers through IAFT, RoboForex proved to be a nice one. IAFT issues rebates from Robo timely, I'm very pleased frankly speaking.
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    Re: RoboForex

    I use 5 digit account in Roboforex, when first time use this 5 digit trading account I feel so confuse, cause price are move to volatile, but after several day I really enjoyed this 5 digit account trading.

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    Re: RoboForex

    I agree with all comments here; I only have excellent words for this broker.
    Great work RoboForex!! :good3:

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    Re: RoboForex

    I tried this broker with the free bonus offered, but I have not succeeded :| I blew my acount and I abandoned it

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    I have worked with them and are terrible. Any problem you had - minor or major - you are ignored. The responses from support-mail or live - comes very late or not at all. Deposits of funds are intentionally blocked. So the trading account is exploded easier and you lose everything, as I happened.

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