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    Forex Market Vs Stock Market

    In many ways, Forex is different from other stock markets. In general, Forex offers many winning opportunities including through greater availability of liquidity, market accessibility and technical specifications tailored to novice traders.

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    Re: Forex Market Vs Stock Market

    then what about stocks? what is generally offered shares in the stock market ... This is the long period of time in stock trading system.

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    I won’t really make this comparison because Forex is a global market while Stock market is just limited. This is why I go for Forex trading which is so much better. I like it even more thanks to OctaFX broker that I work with. They have outstanding benefits to work with including 50% bonus on deposit which is use able while there is also daily market updates and many such tools and features, so that makes Forex so much better while such things are impossible to find in Stock!

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