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    We discuss the company RSQForex in this topic.

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    Re: RSQForex

    their work technically goes very nice. Support provides answers fast and to the point, they know their staff.
    Among theri various advantages are the following:
    - RSQForex provides direct acces to the biggest interbank trading net
    - ECN Integral
    - professional support
    - leverages from 1:1
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    Re: RSQForex

    In my mind a bit high minimal deposits.
    Check this out:
    for mini account - 200 USD
    for professional account - 2000 USD
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    Re: RSQForex

    RSQForex is registered in British Virgin Island, registration number is 1577372.

    The company provides advantageous conditions of trade, which are:
    - no stops and freezings while trading
    - payments from MoneyBookers, Visa/MasterCard automatically go to your account
    - personal managers for VIP investors
    - always up to date analytics.
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