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    We discuss the company FXCC in this topic.

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    Re: FXCC

    They have quite a variety of platforms:
    Meta Trader 4; FXCC Currenex; and FXCC iTrader (especially for Apple fans :good: )

    You can choose out of 40 different currency pairs to trade on, and precious metals, such as gold and silver are at your disposal too!!!!
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    Re: FXCC

    Can these above mentioned,be received.please?

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    Re: FXCC

    Just open the account in FXCC and you'll receive all mentioned services.
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    Re: FXCC

    You are right Aimee, kulangy just give it a try I know uyou will not regret you do.
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    Re: FXCC

    They seem to be rather highly qualified, the level of services is fairly up standard.
    Opening real account brought me a lot of pleasure as platform works very nicely and efficiently.
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