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    New Partner: TusarFX

    Dear IAFT customers!

    We are informing you that the list of the IAFT partners has been replenished with a new brokerage company. This time, you can work with TusarFX through the IAFT and receive even more profit while trading in the Forex market.

    The TusarFX company is licensed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (license number: 2712) for performing transactions between individuals and legal entities both in Russian and foreign currencis. Since May 1998, the Bank has been a member of the Association of Russian Banks.
    Information on TusarFX can be found in the following sections: “Full brokers list”, “Compare Forex brokers”, “Brokers' profiles”, as well as in the IAFT ratings.

    Best regards,
    IAFT Administration

    Best Regards, Tom Rink
    IAFT – working with us brings you more profit!

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    i think that We are showing you that the record of the IAFT associates has been refreshed with a new broker organization. Now, you can perform with TusarFX through the IAFT and get even more benefit while dealing in the Foreign exchange industry.
    it is about me .

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    Looks attracting but i'll wait for it and seee spreads, maybe try a demo and then get some real cash before investing. :Y

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    i'm sure that individuals are generally featuring you that this history from the IAFT acquaintances has become rejuvenated that has a completely new brokerage organization. Right now, you are able to accomplish together with TusarFX throughout the IAFT and have all the more help although doing business within the Foreign currency marketplace.
    it truly is regarding myself.

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    now i am sure The idea folks are featuring people that the history with the IAFT acquaintances has become rejuvenated using a absolutely new brokerage organization. appropriate now, you can perform having TusarFX with the IAFT and get all of the more assist although doing company within the Foreign currency marketplace.

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