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    Mayzus - New Participant of the IAFT Traders Contests

    Dear IAFT customers!

    The list of the IAFT Traders Contests participants has been replenishing and this time, the Mayzus company has been added to it. You have the opportunity to test the work operation of this broker in demo mode and earn real prize money without investing anything as well.

    IAFT cares about their customers doing everything to make your start in Forex easy, successful and profitable!

    Best regards,
    IAFT Administration

    Best Regards, Tom Rink
    IAFT working with us brings you more profit!

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    Mayzus has started a weekly contest with 50,000 initial deposit and there are 4 prizes
    1 1000$
    2 800$
    3 500$
    and another of 100$ for the most active trader , the one who trads the most number of lots
    the maximum trade lot size is 5.00 and you can maximum open 10 orders at a time, initial deposit is 50,000 and the winner will be the one who has the most balance at the ende of week.

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    Mayzus offers commenced some sort of each week match together with 50, 000 primary deposit and also you will find 4 awards
    1 1000$
    3 800$
    3 500$
    and also yet another regarding 100$ to the most active speculator, normally the one whom trads one of the most quantity of tons
    the maximum business ton measurement can be 5. 00 and you will optimum open up 10 purchases each time, primary deposit can be 50, 000 and also the champion will be the person who gets the most harmony in the ende regarding few days.

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