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    Lightbulb can you feel proud to be trader?

    I think forex trading is high paid business and it is legal business that is world wide be trade. so i feel proud to be a trader can you feel that you will be do the bet business in the world and feel proud to be forex trading? share your opinion?

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    Yes , i always feel proud to be trader because it is international trade , and it is a very good for all trader and i think that all Forex trader should proud on trading...

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    Maybe I do not have to feel proud for now, because I do not feel successful, even to this day I can not return all the money I have lost, but I'm sure in the near future I will be successful. And maybe I'll be able to think for pride.

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    I feel proud if I know that this business is profitable, if not I will leave it forever.

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    Of course I'm proud to be a trader for quite a long time alreasy. I don't make millions, but I can afford more than my friends, which makes me feel happy. At first forex used to be just an additional way to make money, but now I focus heavily on tradding.

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    A successful trader is the person who is much better than millions of other. Yes, I am a successful trader and I feel proud for that as I am unique among many others. Trading is a job which requires hard work and shear dedication for which I really feel proud. And more importantly I am satisfied with what I have done so far.

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    I usually feel proud to be a trader as I showed a good progress on this platform. I think if you take trading as a long-term business then you have a chance to get good profits. It is not possible to earn quick profits on the Forex market. Do you have a long-term approach?

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