DearIAFT customers!
Weare informing you, that the IAFT partners' list has once againexpanded with new companies:Divisa Capital, SmartTradeFX and DFMarkets.

SmartTradeFX companyhas been registered by the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority(IFSA) and is on the last stage of registration by the Office ofFinancial Stability Policy and Research (FSPR) in New Zealand.

DivisaCapital Group
, LLC ("DCG") is the company that owns,operates and is in the process of acquisition of various privatecompanies and financial services. Headquartered in Chicago.

(Delta Financial Markets Ltd.) is regulated by theFSA under register number: 534027. Protection of the customers' fundsis provided by the FSCS.

Now,the list of the IAFT partners has 115 reliable and proven brokers,among which you will surely find the appropriate company to workwith.
Informationregarding the new companies has been placed in the followingsections: "Forex Brokers Overview," "Compare ForexBrokers", "Brokers Profiles", "Help in Choosingthe Broker", as well as in the "All Brokers Ratings"section.
IAFT administration