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    Updates in the IAFT Traders Contests

    Dear IAFT participants!

    Be noticed, that the size of the contest prize fund has been updated on April 30. All traders who are participating in the ongoing contests will receive their prize money according to the previous arrangement.

    Everyone who is registering in the upcoming contests, starting from the contest (No. 714) the prize money will be awarded according to the new scheme.

    You can be familiar with the size of the contest prize fund in the "IAFT Traders Contests" section.

    Best regards,
    IAFT administration

    Best Regards, Tom Rink
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    I have just observed the updates in contest section. I felt little upset to see reduction in prize money. In fact, I feel, contests section of IAFT is special attraction for this organisation. Till now it gives best amount as prize money. But, i don't know why, all of a sudden they took this decision.I hope there will be no reduction in other sections also.
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