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Benefits of Working with the Traders Union

February 2021

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Benefits of Working with the Traders Union

The is a platform for over 200,000 traders from all over the world. The Traders Union has issued rebates to its members that total about $5 million over 10 years.

The main purposes of the Traders Union are to create favorable and attractive trading conditions, monitor the reputations of brokers, and to offer free legal assistance when needed. Traders Union members work only with verified and licensed brokerage companies so that your rights and investments are reliably protected.

Membership in the Union is free of charge and there are no fees or hidden commissions. Register on the Traders Union website, choose a broker from our verified ratings list, and make a deposit to your account and start safe trading.

Advantages for Traders Union participants

Traders who have registered with their chosen broker through Traders Union obtain obvious advantages regardless of the volume of trades and the result of their transactions. We also offer these benefits:

  • Refund up to 100% of the spread regardless of the trading results. The partial compensation of the spread (rebate) reduces the trader's trading costs.

    For example,

    after registering with a broker, you pay a commission for each transaction you make. If you register with the broker through Traders Union, the broker pays a commission to the Union, and we, in turn, rebate part of the commission (spread) to you, even if the transaction is marginal.

  • We also offer an objective rating of brokers based on feedback from traders. Our data is collected and analyzed by our professional analytics department using over 100 technical tools to assure objectivity and reliability. This will help you to select the best broker for your budget, goals, and Forex market strategy.


    In the case of a dispute with a broker, the legal team of Traders Union evaluates the claims of both sides free of charge and issues a preliminary decision followed by negotiations to have you compensated for any losses caused by the fault of the broker.

  • Dual-level affiliate programs. Traders Union pays a client-generation bonus in the amount of 10% of his profit* at the first referral level. For those clients who register with the Traders Union at your first level invitation/referral, you get a referral bonus of 5% of their profits*.

    For the second referral level, the amount of your affiliate commission depends on the number of active clients you attract to Traders Union. The more traders that register using your affiliate link and the more of them start to trade with Traders Union, the more you will earn as a partner of the Union.*

    *Profit earned by the client in Traders Union.

  • Contests on demo-accounts. You do not invest even a penny of your funds while training using demo accounts because you will be trading with virtual money. But you can win real money in all our contests.

  • Participation in promotions and regular contests is a pleasant complement to our many services.

  • Fresh and relevant analytics. Market data is constantly updated so you will not miss any important news. The Traders Union website has a wide selection of analytical tools, an active forum, customer reviews, and expert forecasts.


    Traders Union members can get free legal advice and professional technical support at any time.

The Traders Union operation procedure

The Traders Union and brokerage companies cooperate on an affiliate program. The operation procedure is as follows:

  • Traders Union brings active traders to the broker

    1. Traders Union brings active traders to the broker.

  • The broker pays the Union a commission

    2. The broker pays the Union a commission for each transaction made by the referred client.

  • The Union pays the trader uo to 100% of the commission

    3. The Union pays the trader up to 100% of the Union’s commission.

Such cooperation is beneficial for all parties because the brokerage company gets new clients; the Traders Union retains a part of the broker's remuneration, the trader is guaranteed additional income up to 100% of the spread.

The Traders Union benefits

Advantages for joining Traders Union:

  • Remunerations are accrued to clients on a daily and monthly basis.

  • You can withdraw funds for free using seven popular payment systems, as well as to a trading account.

  • Withdrawals are made daily - within 24 hours.

How to join Traders Union

It only takes five simple steps to become a member of the Traders Union and start trading on the Forex market:

  • 1

    Register on the Union's website by following the registration link. Specify your email address and password using 3-8 characters;

  • 2

    Complete the activation of your account by filling in the fields with your personal information in your Personal Account on the Union's website;

  • 3

    Select a reliable brokerage company from our verified Forex ratings list and open a real trading account with your broker.

  • 4

    Go to your Personal Account at the Traders Union site and in the “Accounts” section indicate your newly issued trading account number.

  • 5

    Wait for the confirmation of your account by the staff of the Union, then make a deposit and start trading. Done!

The amount of remuneration given to the Traders Union client depends on his trading activity. Use the "Income Calculator” service to calculate your approximate profit.

Customer Support Service

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Service!

FAQs for how Traders Union can help

  • What are the benefits of working with brokers for Traders Union clients?

    Traders Union pays a rebate up to 100% of the partnership payments to all customers who cooperate with brokers through the Union’s website. Moreover, clients of Traders Union trade under the protection of our lawyers and may receive free advice or legal assistance in the event of disputes with brokers.

  • How to become a member of the Traders Union?

    Just register on the Traders Union’s website. Registration at the Traders Union website is completely free and takes just 5 minutes. After that, each client has the opportunity to choose a reliable broker, open an account, and start getting additional income.

  • How can I get extra from the Traders Union?

    To get a rebate for trading on the Forex daily or monthly, just open a real account with a broker using the Traders Union referral link. If you already have an active account with a broker, you can link your account to the Traders Union affiliate group.

  • How to choose a broker with stable payouts and high rebate rates?

    Explore the Traders Union’s Forex Broker Rating. Those companies that are on our Top 15 Brokers List offer the most advantageous terms of cooperation, including the rebate rate. They are also very popular among traders.