How to start working with IAFT

The IAFT traders receive additional rebates for every deal traded, unlike traders who work on their own. In other words, if you are with us - we pay you for what you used to do for free, and ask nothing in return!

You can easily become one of us! All you need is to register with our website, select a broker, open an account with the broker, credit your account and add its number to your IAFT Personal Office.


Everything begins with a simple registration procedure. Having indicated your personal data, you become a member of our Association and get the opportunity to use the whole range of additional services: from broker ratings to daily analytics and IAFT Ltd.’s legal help.

How to Select a Broker and Add an Account

After registering with our Association, you will have access to the Personal Office where you will be able to add your account to our system.

Adding an account to our system is very simple – all you need is to indicate your broker in one field and number of your trading account with this broker in another one and click Add.

Next we will verify your account, and you will begin to receive payouts!

If your broker does not allow to add opened accounts to our system or if such addition requires special conditions, you will need to reopen an account or comply with your broker’s conditions.

Instructions on how to reopen accounts with different brokers and brokers’ special conditions are available here.

If you don’t have an account yet, it's even easier. Just select a broker, go to its website through our website, open an account, credit it, and add it to your IAFT Personal Office.

Payout Amount and Security

Working with us, you'll receive 60% of the rebates paid out by your broker. But there is more to it! You will be protected from any potential problems with brokers by our legal department that will defend your rights if necessary. In addition, we have created an insurance fund for you. If our legal department is unable to help you, we will reimburse your losses.

Working with us is easy and profitable! Join us now!