Detailed directions on how to install the Expert Advisor

Place the Expert Advisor file *.ex4 or *.mq4 into the Expert Advisors folder of your trading terminal. As a rule, it is "C://Program Files/MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal/experts". But the first part of the path may vary depending on the broker and on the folder you installed the terminal.

After the file has been copied to the indicated folder, you can start trading with the help of the Expert Advisor. To do so, launch the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal (terminal.exe) and attach the Expert Advisor to the chart as follows.

After the terminal is downloaded, open Expert Advisors section and drag the Expert Advisor onto the chart. Do not worry if the Expert Advisor is reflected in gray, it does not influence its working efficiency (all Expert Advisors not having their source code are reflected so). After you drag the Expert Advisor to the chart, you will see a window with two inlays: Common and Inputs. Click off “Allow live trading” and “Enable Alerts” options in the “Common” inlay. Do not click off “Ask manual confirmation” and “Disable alert once hit”. Also, there should be Long&Short positions. Leave other options as they are. After you click the “OK” button, the Expert Advisor will automatically appear in the upper right corner of the chart.

You can modify trade options in the “Inputs” inlay.