Instructions for adding and installing WM Keeper Classi

Instructions for adding and installing WM Keeper Classic

1. All new Webmoney participants receive electronic purses under the management of WM Keeper Mini after the registration. To switch to WM Keeper Classic you need to change the main method of managing your purses. To do that select Menu in the top bar of your WM account.

2. In Account Management Methods section click Enable next to Classic.

3. Enter the security code, your username and password received after registering your account in Webmoney system.

4. To access the website’s secure area you need to go through the operation confirmation procedure by entering the special code and clicking Enter.

5. In Operation Modes tab of the Security section you can change the operation mode. To do that you will need to enter a new password and go to the next step.

6. Click Download the Keys and specify the location for their saving. After that click Continue.

7. Now Keeper Classic is installed as your default operation mode. To launch the program click the link Keeper Classic in the first instruction line.

8. You will be offered to install the Keeper Classic program. In the next window of the installation program click Next.

9. Confirm the provided agreements and click Next.

10. By clicking Browse button you can select a folder where the program will be stored. Go to the next step by clicking Next.

11. Select a program group where Installation Wizard will create a shortcut of the application and continue the installation process.

12. Click the Next button to begin the installation or the Back button to re-enter the installation information.

13. The installation of WebMoney Keeper Classic components will take some time. Please wait until the installation is complete.

14. Program installation is complete. Click Finish. If the older version of WebMoney Keeper Classic was installed on this computer, during the first connection to WebMoney system the program may ask you for activation code. It will be sent to your registration e-mail or cell phone number.