Instructions on How to Register an Account in MoneyBookers

Instructions on How to Register an Account in MoneyBookers

1. Go to the MoneyBookers website -

2. Click the Sign Up button in the box For Consumers.

3. Choose the type of account you would like to register and click the Sign Up button under the selected form.

4. Fill out the Personal account sign up form. Click Accept and Create Account button.

5. Your account has been created. You can now send and receive money easily as well as make instant and secure payments.

6. To verify and credit your account you need to log in to the website. Click Login at the top of the MoneyBookers home page.

7. Enter your email, password and security number and click Login.

8. In My Account section click View Limit.

9. Select a verification method of your identity and address and click Proceed With Verification.

10. For bank account verification you need to simply upload funds to your MoneyBookers account from a bank account held in your name.

11. To credit funds click the Upload Funds button at the top of your MoneyBookers Personal area.

12. Select a desired method of payment.