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New feature from Traders Union: daily reward accruals!

Dear Traders Union members!

We always listen to your requests and suggestions to improve the conditions of our cooperation. This time we have decided to meet your requests and introduce starting from September daily accruals of rewards on 13 companies, that can provide us reports on your trading every day.

Accruals will be performed on the results of a trading day till 10:00 a.m. CET the day fallowing the reporting one. For instance: reward for your trading on the 3rd of September will be accrued on the 4th of September till 10:00 a.m. CET. New scheme of accruals will be introduced on the following brokers:

  • AccentForex
  • ActivTrades
  • FBS
  • ForexCent
  • FXOpen
  • MIGBank
  • MRCMarkets
  • Nord FX
  • Profiforex
  • RealTrade
  • Roboforex
  • Upme group

Due to this new feature Crediting calendar will be updated specifying that accruals on the the above mentioned companies are performed every day. Accruals on the rest of the brokers will be made once a month as before, within first 10 days of a new month following the reporting one.

August accruals will be performed as usually for all companies.

If any questions arise please contact our Support service, we will gladly assist you!

Best regards,
Traders Union Administration

Date: 03.09.2012