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FinFX: Number of Companies with Daily Accruals Increases Up to 27 Brokers

Dear Traders Union customers!

We are glad to inform you that the number of the Traders Union brokers with daily accruals has been increased up to 27 brokers. This time, starting from June 10, 2013 all the Association's customers, working with FinFX, will receive more additional profit on a daily basis.

Rebate accruals will be based on the results of the trading day till 11.00 CET - the day following the reporting one. In view of this new feature, the Crediting calendar section will be updated specifying that accruals on FinFX are made every day. Rebate accruals from June 1 to 9 will be made on June 10 till 11.00 CET.

Traders Union cares about their customers doing everything to make your work in Forex as easy, successful and profitable as possible!

Best regards,
Traders Union Administration

Date: 09.06.2013