New Partner: zebrafx

Dear IAFT customers!

We hasten to inform you that the IAFT partners' list has been replenished with a new company such as zebrafx.

Dema The team is led by Demetrious Zamboglou, CEO, who was also a Forex Club Group of Companies’ Board Director, their Head of Risk Management and formerly their Head of Quant and Hedge. Previously, Demetrios was a Risk Analyst and a Project Coordinator at Alpari UK Group of Companies. Demetrios is also involved with King’s College London through his academic activities as a PhD researcher in Risk Signaling.

Information on the new broker was added to the following sections: “Full Brokers List”, “Compare Forex Brokers”, “Brokers' Profiles” as well as to “All Brokers Ratings”.

Best regards,
IAFT Administration

Date: 11.07.2014