The winner of "Tesla Supercar from RoboForex" offer has been decided

RoboForex has summarized the results of the huge "Tesla Supercar from RoboForex" offer, which were held to celebrate the Company’s 5-year anniversary. After 271 days of tough struggle for prize coupons, the winner and the future owner of the man prize has been decided, it’s our client from Russia. The Company has already contacted the lucky winner and will soon introduce him to a wide audience.  

Over the period of the offer, we gave away 2,652 coupons, which were received by 1,046 clients. Some of the clients managed to get more than 10 coupons! Geography of the participants to win the prize is also worth noticing: Tesla S P85D was pursued by the clients from more than 79 countries. 

This offer is an interesting experience both for the Company and Traders, and the results can be considered as a sign of the clients’ trust and loyalty to the Company. The broker promises that after New Year holidays, all RoboForex clients will have another chance to participate in a new competition, even a bigger one. Follow the news!

Date: 22.12.2015