Amendment of the Rules of the IAFT Contests

Dear participants and guests of the Association!  

We are pleased to inform you that the IAFT continues to provide an opportunity for novice traders to earn money with no investments as a part of its additional tutorial service “IAFT Traders Contests”.  

At this stage, it was decided to merge all types of contests into a single monthly contest that will be held every month, from every 10th to 9th. The number of paid places of this contest will be increased to 10, and the prize fund will be increased up to $200.  

The IAFT contests were created as part of the Union’s author’s tutorial program, where every willing newcomer has a chance to study not only the theory of trading on the financial market, but also practice trading on a demo account while competing with other beginners in skills and trading strategies.  

The idea and the functional part of this service were successfully integrated into the IAFT tutorial program more than 8 years ago, and by now the IAFT contests have provided an opportunity for many traders to gain basic knowledge and initial capital to start Forex trading. 

The IAFT thanks everyone for cooperation, and also invites novice traders to learn how to trade on the financial markets by taking part in contests on demo accounts! 


Date: 18.11.2018