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Binary Bot - the next level in online trading’s Binary Bot empowers traders to build an automated program, called a bot, to perform desired trading tasks based on a set of parameters. 

Binary Bot is an automatic strategy builder that uses a drag-and-drop interface, enabling traders to easily build their own unique strategies without any programming skills. With just a few clicks, traders can build, test and further refine their bots based on their own trading experience; bots can be made to be simple or complex, and they can be saved as drafts to be edited at a later time. All this can be done using’s free virtual account.  

Traders are able to implement strategies built by other traders in an easy-to-use plug-and-play environment. There are free strategies available for first-timers to familiarise themselves with the system before attempting to build their own strategies. Traders looking to earn an income from their bots may put them up for sale on the Shop, allowing other traders to purchase, download and use them to trade on their virtual and real money accounts alike.  

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Date: 22.12.2018