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FXGlory Tops the Traders Union Rating

Brokers Ratings Traders Union's routine audit showed an increase in activity among all participants in the financial market, and as a result minimum requirements for passing to the TOP10 Forex rating increased. It made the task for brokers even harder, but turned out to be favorable for the quality level of their services. 

At all levels, brokerage companies continued to actively compete for every step of the rating, but few of them were able to resume growth of their positions. So most of the top brokers fought hard to maintain competitive statistics, and some companies were subject to pressure.  

With an incredible leap from competitors, FXGlory became the leader in the English-speaking segment of the financial market. Western Forex traders appreciated services of this broker, and the majority of them preferred this company. Due to such client sympathy, FXGlory increased its dynamics and as a result improved its rating.  

Due to the unexpected activity of FXGlory, EXNESS Group the leader of the past rating, went down to the second step. This company did not expect such a sharp jump in dynamics from one of the competitors, because it also increased turnover during the last reported period and planned to remain the leader of the Forex rating. Its plans were unexpectedly disrupted by FXGlory, but most likely next month EXNESS Group will take revenge.  

RoboForex took the third position. It continued to follow its goals and climbed another step closer to the top of the Traders Union Forex rating. The company becomes more and more popular among English-speaking traders, and as a result it shows a positive trend in the rating.  

Despite its success last month, XM Group was not able to keep the second position of the rating and went down beyond the TOP3. At the end of May, this company slowed down and lost two steps, occupying the 4th place.  

PaxForex closed the TOP5 of the Traders Union rating. The company also got two positions down and left the top three of Forex leaders. This company took the 5th place of the rating and could not save the tendency of internal growth. We hope that the broker team will not give up and continue to move towards the goal.  

FBS went up to the 6th place – the company showed better statistics compared to the last reported period. At the end of May, its turnover also increased, and therefore it made a confident step towards the top of the rating.  

FXPRIMUS came down to the 7th position under pressure from competitors. Please be reminded that last month it was able to overcome 12 steps of the rating and enter the top ten Forex brokers. According to the latest data, FXPRIMUS keeps the turnover at a high level and does not plan to leave the TOP-10. 

The sensation of this reported period can be called the rapid growth of trade turnover and the rating of Circle Markets. The company overcame 32 positions and took the 8th position of the rating. At the end of May, this company showed a record increase and rightfully took its place in the Forex rating.  

FxPro improved its rating by 14 positions and rightfully deserved the 9th place. After the increase in Circle Markets, FxPro became the second record holder in terms of speed and customer base. 

IC Markets closed the Top10 of the Traders Union rating. This company managed to gain two more positions and start climbing in the rating table. IC Markets has great potential and may well claim not only a long stay among the best Forex brokers, but also a further increase in the rating.  

Studies on which the rating was built were conducted based on analysis of trade indicators of the largest community of Forex traders in the world - Traders Union.

Date: 27.06.2019