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List of Scam Brokers 2021 - Results of Traders Union Expert Study

Traders Union experts have compiled a blacklist of Forex brokers and released this data in the “Forex Scams” ​​section.

Thus, Traders Union takes care of its customers and publishes information about unscrupulous brokers so that the Union's customers do not cooperate with unreliable companies and do not risk their money.

In the “Forex Scams” section you can find not only a list of companies that turned out to be a scam or stopped fulfilling their obligations to customers, but also a guide on how to tell a scam broker, how to choose a reliable Forex broker for cooperation, what you should pay attention to when choosing a broker, and whom to apply in case of a conflict between a trader and a broker. This information is recommended by Traders Union experts for mandatory reading in order to have an idea of the differences between a reliable company and a scam, as well as the ways that scam brokers use to gain the trust of traders and extort money from them.

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Date: 17.03.2021