Registration Agreement

The Agreement between Non-commercial Partnership International Association of Forex Traders (hereinafter referred to as IAFT), IAFT Ltd. company (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and a user that opened an account at the site (hereinafter referred to as the Customer).

The subject of the Agreement

1. By registering at the website and adding account information in one of the dealing centers or brokerage firms (hereinafter referred to as DC) the customer empowers IAFT or the Company to be his partner and recognizes himself as an affiliate (customer who was brought to one of the DCs).

2. In terms of the present Agreement the Company shall pay the Customer 60% of the obtained funds as a partnership reward from DC.

3. The Customer shall agree that all payments to him are performed by the Company once a month and can be delayed or cancelled in case of force-majeure events such as:

- Bankruptcy of the broker-company with which the Customer has opened an account.

- The broker-company with which the Customer has opened an account has cancelled the Customer’s transactions because the Customer has breached trading or other rules of the broker-company.

- Technical mistakes of the broker-company with which the Customer has opened an account that resulted in cancelling payments of the due charges to the IAFT.

4. The Customer shall absolve the company of any responsibility for non-received profit or profit not received in full.

5. IAFT shall guarantee that Customer’s personal information will not be disclosed to third parties.

6. IAFT shall not bear any responsibility for the breach of rules performed by the Customer in his trading account at Forex market.

7. IAFT shall bear no responsibility for the results of Customer’s trading activity in accounts with DCs.

8. The Customer shall agree that the company performs pay outs once a month no later than 10 days from the date specified in “charging calendar” and not earlier than in the month following the accounting one. The Customer shall absolve the Company of such responsibility in case of the payout delay by the DC.

9. The Customer shall agree that the company can refuse funds withdrawal for the current month (until receipt of the companies’ reports) in order to avoid breach of accounting and delaying the payout process for other customers.

10. IAFT shall not be responsible for the companies’ reports and performs charging based on the statistics provided by the companies themselves. In case of disputes, the Customer shall settle the matters directly with the company he is trading at. However, IAFT and the Company shall apply all efforts in helping the Customer to obtain all necessary information.

11. The management of Non-commercial Partnership shall have the right to block the Customer’s account at if the Customer performs actions that interfere with the site’s functioning and the system itself, such as, for example opening the tickets with incomprehensible text too often, spamming with support tickets, adding empty fields of account numbers, entering deliberately incorrect account numbers, attempts at account repetition, rudeness addressed at support service, spamming partner links, absence of correct information in Customer’s profile.

12. IAFT shall block the Customer’s account for using spam which is directly or indirectly related to IAFT.

13. IAFT shall guarantee that the services it provides were and will be free, except the services the price for which has been agreed before.

14. Funds withdrawal to a Webmoney purse is performed manually and Site Administration’s personal confirmation is necessary. If due to technical problems charges withdrawal has not been performed, IAFT shall guarantee to renew Customer’s account balance at IAFT within 3 business days.

15. All information provided at website is the property of IAFT Ltd. and in no case whatsoever shall be copied or distributed.

16. The Customer has fully acquainted himself with and fully agreed with the agreement on risks connected with trading at currency and stock exchanges.

17. IAFT shall reserve the right to change the present agreement.

18. The Customer shall get acquainted with the information provided below and follow it as a manual for working with the site:

- If you already have an open account with one of the provided by us brokers, first ensure that the broker allows transferring such account under us. You can obtain this information in Forex Brokers Review section.

– When opening a new account through IAFT please make sure to add this account to Accounts section.

If, for some reason you forget to perform this action company IAFT Ltd. will not be able to track your account, and consequently charge the money you earn. When adding an account please make sure the number is correct, otherwise it can complicate the approval of your account by our system. Never disclose the password to your account to anyone, including relatives, friends or total strangers. In case you lost your password or it was stolen we advise to contact us immediately to resolve the matter.

In registering your account in our system make sure to state your current e-mail address, phone number and address. This information is requested for the purpose of possible verification in case of withdrawing a large amount from the system.

Do not breach the trading rules of the companies with whom you have registered an account. Such violations can sufficiently delay charging your payouts and in the worst case scenario lead to the partner-company cancelling them.

We shall bear no responsibility for the breach performed by the customer in his trading account with a broker company. You shall learn the trading conditions of the company with which you have opened an account and do not attempt to breach them. In case of registered breach, the broker company will contact you and we will be forced to correct our data base which can have a negative influence on your customer status and your current balance.