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Why Is It Better to Trade Through Traders Union?

Why Is It Better to Trade Through Traders Union?

Traders working with Forex brokers through Traders Union receive additional payments and legal assistance. This is a major advantage over working with brokers alone.

Почему с МОФТ выгоднее

A trader needs to choose a reliable Forex broker with favorable trading conditions. However, not everyone knows that the conditions of a chosen broker can be improved before registering at its website. To do this, you need to register with a broker using the Traders Union link and, as a result, receive compensation in the future from Traders Union for the commission fees paid to the broker. That is why thousands of traders around the world register with Forex brokers through Traders Union, but first, choose the broker through our website.

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МОФТ — сообщество успешных трейдеров Traders Union is a Community of Successful Traders

Traders Union is an international union of Forex traders. This is the first and the largest association of the Forex market participants in the world. The goal of Traders Union is consulting and legal support for traders, creating the most favorable working conditions for them, and protecting the rights of traders during disputes with brokers.

Traders Union is a Community of Successful Traders


  • Услуги МОФТ

    The services of Traders Union are provided completely free of charge;

  • Регистрация на сайте МОФТ

    Registration at the Traders Union website takes no more than 2 minutes.

By providing a rebate, Traders Union makes Forex trading more profitable because traders receive additional payments from Traders Union for what they would have done anyway for free. Also, Traders Union experts provide their traders with up-to-date analytics and technical support, help novices find their way around the specifics of the foreign exchange market quickly and provide experienced traders with expert recommendations on various trading topics and investments.

Traders Union is a completely independent organization that works only with reliable brokers. These brokers provide very favorable conditions and are not afraid of control of their activities by third parties. Forex Brokers Rating from Traders Union is regularly updated, it is based on a transparent methodology and an objective comparison of brokers using more than 100 criteria. Also, Traders Union has been collecting reviews and news about all Forex brokers in the world for more than 10 years. At the Traders Union website, any trader can leave a comment about the Forex broker he has worked with.

Benefits of Working with Traders Union

Преимущества работы с МОФТ Benefits of Working with Traders Union

If we talk about real changes for a trader, it is important to clearly understand that when registering with any Forex broker through Traders Union, absolutely nothing changes for a trader in terms of trading. The trader is not charged additional commissions or fees, nor is his work complicated in any way. Everything happens in the background. However, the trader gets unique advantages that no other trader’s organization offers. Below, we will discuss them in detail.

  • Financial Benefits

    One of the key benefits of working at the Forex market through Traders Union is getting a rebate. Rebates are the return of a part of the spread or commission from each transaction, which brokers take in any case as a payment for the services provided to traders. Traders Union provides a unique opportunity to get back sometimes up to 100% of the spread that you have already paid to the broker. That is, technically, in this case, the trader pays almost nothing to the broker, receiving its services almost free of charge.

    • Трейдер получает рибейт

      A trader receives a rebate from each transaction, the amount of the return depends on a chosen broker.

    • Вывод средств

      Withdrawal of funds from the balance of the Personal Account at the Traders Union website is carried out daily on working days, at the request of the customer.

    • Вывод средств

      Withdrawal of funds is possible both to the payment details of a trader and directly to his trading account.

    • МОФТ не взимает комиссию

      Traders Union does not charge a commission for withdrawal and does not set limits on the number of withdrawals per day. The withdrawal amount is regulated by the terms set by a particular payment system. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 US dollar.

    It is difficult to imagine more favorable terms, but this is not the only financial advantage that traders who register with brokers through Traders Union receive. The second point is the regular contests that the organization conducts among members of the Union.

    Traders Union contests are aimed at developing the professional skills of traders and increasing their financial literacy. Contests are held on demo (training) accounts, that is, the participants do not risk anything. Payments to the winners of contests are made with real money to the balance of the Traders Union Personal Account, and these funds are available for withdrawal at any time.


  • Legal Benefits

    Although the return of part of the spread and contests with cash prizes are important and pleasant aspects of working through Traders Union, it is the legal support from the Union that many traders value most. Disputes can arise even when working with the most reliable brokers. If a trader is not a professional lawyer specializing in the legislation of the foreign exchange market, he remains defenseless against a seasoned broker. This issue is especially pressing if you decide to invest a significant amount in Forex.

    Previously, there was only one way out, which was to hire your own personal lawyer at great expense to you. However, finding an experienced professional who is competent in disputes with brokers is not an easy task. That is why Traders Union has formed its own legal department to provide free assistance to traders who are members of the Traders Union. Moreover, a trader has the right to contact the Traders Union lawyers at any time and in any situation related to the Forex market.

    Retaining counsel at Traders Union works like this:

    • юристы МОФТ получают претензию от трейдера

      Traders Union lawyers receive a claim from a trader, analyze it and make an official request to a broker;

    • брокер направляет ответ

      The broker responds. The response is reviewed by the lawyers, and if the broker has violated its obligations, the process of resolving the conflict begins;

    • если вопрос не удалось решить мирно

      If the issue cannot be resolved amicably, Traders Union may decide to make up for the trader's financial losses from its own compensation fund;

    • брокер может быть исключен из рейтингов МОФТ

      If a broker violates its obligations to a trader, Traders Union brings up an issue about its competence, and the broker can be excluded from the Traders Union ratings.

    The Traders Union's Trader Compensation Fund is another important benefit from cooperation with the Union. This fund was formed many years ago, and its purpose is to compensate for a trader’s financial losses in a situation where the trader has suffered a loss due to the fault of a broker. If the Traders Union lawyers make such a decision, then the trader is compensated without any additional conditions.


  • Informational Benefits

    It is critical for any trader to have access to the latest news from the world of finance and economics. Sometimes traders use news portals or specialized services, but with Traders Union, there is no need for additional platforms. That is because the Union has its own independent news feed, which publishes all the most important and significant events at the Forex market that can somehow affect the quotes of various trading instruments. In addition to world news, the Traders Union publishes:

    • аналитические материалы

      analytical materials in various economic areas, based on the current state of the world’s economy;

    • специализированные материалы

      specific materials regarding the issues of the foreign exchange market;

    • уникальные авторские графики

      uniquely designed charts, observations and predictions, as well as analytics for the main currency pairs;

    • новости брокеров

      news from brokers who cooperate with Traders Union on new services and changes in the conditions for working with traders.

    Also, Traders Union has its own forum that brings together thousands of traders from all over the world. They communicate on a variety of topics, share predictions and experiences, provide each other with invaluable and action-oriented knowledge about trading and the foreign exchange market.

    The benefits of the Traders Union news service is obvious. A trader who receives daily updates and information about the situation in the world has a better chance of making a successful prediction. Analytics and recommendations for drawing up strategies is an equally important point that helps to trade more successfully with maximum risk diversification.


  • Service Benefits

    Traders Union provides traders with comprehensive consulting support on most issues. For example, if a trader needs clarification on a broker's work, if he has an account at the broker's website that needs to be transferred or reopened through Traders Union, the experts of the Traders Union customer service will help the trader for free, in these and other situations. Also, consultation on the technical aspects of Forex is provided. A trader can contact us if he does not understand something about the work of the Union's website or a broker if there are malfunctions in the work of the trading platform. There are also specific consultants for investors.

    Customer service areas of Traders Union:

    • Financial service

      Financial service helps to resolve issues with payments, transfers, accounts, and other monetary situations;

    • The contest service

      The contest service provides detailed explanations on the regulations for holding contests and payments for the winners;

    • The service for working with partners

      The service for working with partners works in two directions: it explains to brokers on what conditions they can cooperate with Traders Union and provides consultations on the work of the Union’s partnership program;

    • Customer support

      Customer support is a universal service that provides consultations on general issues not related to the previous points;

    • Work with investors

      Work with investors is a service that is designed to help investors choose the best investment program and select the best instruments in it.

    The Traders Union customer service helps to resolve most issues in a matter of minutes. Moreover, a trader can contact the experts of the Union by phone, e-mail, or through an online consultant in the chat sessions. In addition, a trader can order a callback. Please note that Technical Support has standard business hours.


Conclusions on the Benefits of Working with Traders Union

Если трейдер регистрируется

If a trader does not register directly with a chosen broker, but through the Traders Union website, this gives him several advantages and no disadvantages. All trading operations will be carried out without any changes to the trader’s workflow, while the trader can count on professional service and legal support, up to the possibility of receiving a compensation payment from the Union’s fund. The trader also receives the real financial benefits, such as daily and monthly rebate payments, current news, and uniquely designed analytics that helps traders to trade more comfortably and more successfully.

Чем работа через МОФТ отличается How Does Working Through Traders Union Differ From Working with a Broker Directly?

The level of benefit when working through Traders Union depends, among other things, on the broker that a trader has chosen. Because, firstly, each broker has its own terms of cooperation. And, secondly, each broker works with Traders Union on its own terms, in particular, the amount of rebate and the conditions for its accrual may differ. However, if we are talking about the general benefits, then they can be presented in a consolidated table.

  • Traders Benefits

  • Return of a part of the spread (rebate)
  • Free legal assistance
  • Compensation fund
  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Monthly contests with cash prizes
  • Working directly with a broker

  • No

    Return of a part of the spread (rebate)

  • No

    Free legal assistance

  • No

    Compensation fund

  • No

    Exclusive bonuses

  • No

    Monthly contests with cash prizes

  • Working with Traders Union

  • Yes

    Return of a part of the spread (rebate)

  • Yes

    Free legal assistance

  • Yes

    Compensation fund

  • Yes

    Exclusive bonuses

  • Yes

    Monthly contests with cash prizes


Objectively, working through Traders Union has only advantages and no pitfalls. This does not mean that working with a broker directly is unprofitable or not recommended. It is just that in this case, a trader will not have an access to a number of significant advantages that will facilitate trading, make it more successful, and safer.

Monitoring Forex Brokers Monitoring Forex Brokers

Monitoring Forex Brokers

An important part of the Traders Union's work is the constant monitoring of all brokers at the market so that traders always have up-to-date data on the state of affairs of a particular broker. The Traders Union experts track all the news and reviews for each broker and evaluate it every month according to more than 100 criteria within the framework of the designed methodology. As a result, the rating of Forex brokers is updated every month, which allows all traders to stay relevant and keep abreast of the state of affairs of each company.

Forex Brokers’ Reviews

Forex Brokers’ Reviews

The conditions for working with a broker are only one side of the coin. The other side is the opinion of real people who already have the experience of cooperating with a particular brokerage company. We are talking about expressing their opinion in the form of written reviews. However, the broker itself will never post negative reviews on its own website, so one must be careful about the objectivity.

To assure objectivity, rely on independent platforms such as Traders Union. Any trader can leave a review here, but the nuance is that reviews are checked by the experts of the Union. For example, if a trader has never worked with the broker he writes about, his review will not be published. Also, the reviews that are paid for and contain false information are not published. Reading reviews before finally deciding on a broker is useful and profitable. It can save a trader from wasting time and money.

Contests for Traders at Traders Union

The Traders Union contests are an original, unique development of the Union's experts, which initially pursued two goals:

  • providing novices with basic trading experience;

    providing novices with basic trading experience;

  • financial incentives for active traders.

    financial incentives for active traders.

The point is that the Traders Union contests are held on demo (training) accounts. Such an account can be opened by any trader who has registered at the broker's website. The difference between a demo account and a real one is that trading here is conducted with virtual money. However, all mechanisms and quotes are real. That is, the experience gained in trading on a demo account is also real, and it is applicable to the live market.

For this reason, today almost all brokers offer a demo account. However, none of them holds contests that are held by the Traders Union. The essence of these contests is simple: a trader registers at the Union's website, opens a demo account, registers it in the contest, and starts trading. The one who has made the most profit in the allotted time period takes the prize. Traders Union holds such contests every month. The prize fund is 200 US dollars, which is distributed among 10 prize places.

That is, you make bets with virtual money and win real money. Also, Traders Union constantly holds other contests on its forum and in social networks. For example, you need to guess the rate for the EUR/USD pair. The participant who gives the most accurate prediction by the end of the contest receives a money transfer to his account. Can you imagine more favorable terms? However, more important than money is a unique experience that a trader can apply in real Forex trading in the future.

According to the experts at Traders Union, studying the rules and mechanisms of the foreign exchange market in practice by participating in contests on demo accounts, where a trader does not risk anything, is the most effective way of teaching and learning how to trade on Forex. Also, the material reward is an excellent motivation to open the first real account.

Why is it More Profitable with Traders Union | Expert Opinion


If a trader works through Traders Union, he gets advantages over those who have missed this opportunity.

By becoming a member of Traders Union, a trader gains rebates of part of the spread or commission on each trade; he works under the protection of professional lawyers; and gets the opportunity to use all additional Traders Union services free of charge.

The constantly updated rating of Forex brokers, the publication of the latest news from the world of economics and finance, analytical publications, and our own forum of traders are all inexhaustible sources of important information, experience, and opportunities for diversifying risks at the foreign exchange market. Traders Union has been successfully working at Forex for 10 years, and during this time its ranks have been joined by 300 thousand traders. These excellent statistics demonstrate how in-demand and profitable it is to work through Traders Union.

Antony Robertson photo

Antony Robertson

Traders Union trader-analyst

Author of the article about making money at Forex

Alexey Vrask
Alexey Vrask
IndependentTrader and Analyst
Total experience at Forex: 12 years
  • In 2008, he graduated from Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, majoring in economic statistics;
  • From 2008 to 2012, he worked at the analytical center of the German Federal Financial Supervision Authority;
  • In 2014, he completed the Economics of Trading course at Rhine University founded in Bonn by Friedrich Wilhelm;
  • From 2012 to 2016, he worked as a leading analyst at the Commission for the Regulation of Relations of Participants of Financial Markets;
  • From 2016 to 2019, he worked as a leading expert in the consulting department at Globalfx Company;
  • Since 2019, he has been an independent trader and analyst, and a freelance expert advisor for Traders Union.



How can I register with a Forex broker through Traders Union?

To do this, you must first register at the Traders Union website. Registration at Traders Union is free and takes only 2 minutes.


What support does Traders Union provide to its traders?

Traders Union provides free legal, technical, and general consulting support. The Union protects the interests of traders at all levels.


What financial benefits do I get by registering with Traders Union?

From trading, nothing will change for you, but Traders Union will return to you a part of the spread or commission (up to 100%).


What other benefits does Traders Union provide?

Traders Union holds contests for traders on demo accounts with real cash prizes, provides basic training information, access to the latest analytics, up-to-date news, Forex broker ratings, and a traders' forum.