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Lyons 12.10.2018
I like trading on forex optimum because there're a lot of cryptocurrencies. 15 cryptocurrency pairs is a lot for a forex broker. And now, when crypt falls, this is especially important. Once bitcoin fell by $900 in a day, and I made $1,000 on this. It's quite great. Everything's fine with funds withdrawal here as well, but I've decided not to do it for now. Let the amount grow. I want to get the VIP status in order to use cashback and interest on the deposit. I need $10,000 for this. I just don't like that all the best bonuses are intended only for VIP clients. They need to make pleasant things for beginners as well.
Stamp 24.09.2018
Forex Optimum surprised me with some exclusive services, for example, deposit insurance. While practicing I revealed less noticeable "trifles", for example, requotes are rare. Trading is quite comfortable in general. It is a pity that the most attractive services, such as deposit insurance and interest on balances, are only for VIP account holders.
CaliMcgrath 01.09.2018
First I thought forex optimum is not a serious broker, really. But how can you trade CFD on the cent account with the min deposit of $10. It's just ridiculous. But then I saw that this broker has a standard account ($300) and the vip account starts from 10k$. And then I started with the cent account to see how it works. $10 is not big money to check the broker. I made sure that everything works well on optimum. No problems with money withdrawals, it's convenient to trade. It offers various bonuses. I'm actually reaching the vip account soon. I'm not going to lie that I managed to rise from my $10. When I realised that everything is okay, I deposited some more money.
Gomesranr 30.07.2018
I don't know what to say about forex optimum. It's an ordinary broker, there are a lot of them now. But I've been trading there for quite a long time, and I'm not really going to stop, as there's not real reason for that. The trading terms seem quite satisfying for me. All the necessary details are specifies in advance. This broker has a lot of cryptocurrencies. Each currency has its own spreads. For bitcoin spreads start from 300, for XLM (Stellar) – from 0,006. This range is quite understandable, but still the spread for bitcoin is severely overestimated.
Arce 30.05.2018
I can't say anything bad about Forex Optimum. I am satisfied with this broker and trading terms. There're cent, standard, cryptocurrency and VIP accounts. The broker offers bonus accumulation on the deposit for VIP clients with a certain amount of orders. It's a pity that it's only for VIP clients. But at least I have new challenges ahead. There're no problems with funds deposit and withdrawal, everything's simple.
Naranjo 28.05.2018
I'm investing in lamm service on Forex Optimum now. The first attempt was not successful, the managing trader lost a lot, but after that everything was fine. I got about 20% per month not taking all commissions into account; I plan to continue doing this. This broker is conscientious, everything that it says it does. Profit is withdrawn within a day. The only thing that annoys is managers' calls.