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Traders Union’s mission
Our mission is to protect the traders’ rights and investment capital when working with brokers, as well as provide traders with information and reduce the spread cost.

Traders Union is:

a huge portal with various selections of useful information on the Forex market and all Forex brokers working on the exchange;
a variety of professional services for traders helping them earn more;
additional payments to Traders Union’s participants in the form of a refund of part of the spread even on loss-making transactions.

Traders Union’s presentation

What are the financial benefits of trading on the Forex Market through Traders Union?

When trading on the Forex Market with a broker company through Traders Union you have nothing to lose. There are no changes to your trading. Instead, you will save money as the Traders Union will provide you with rebates that you would not receive if you were trading directly. These payments are lifelong payments and they are paid to you monthly. You still choose your broker / or brokers.

For more than 10 years, Traders Union has been providing traders with valuable information by creating the most unbiased rating of Forex brokers , based on feedback from real traders.

The financial benefits of trading through Traders Union
Advantages for traders

More advantages of trading on the Forex Market with the Traders Union

The Traders Union has created a unique service for traders who invest in the Forex market. Traders who are working through the Traders Union on the Forex Market have been receiving payments from us for more than 10 years. We are growing fast and the Traders Union has already exceeded 300 000 in members. Our service is especially beneficial for passive investors who prefer to copy transactions or PAMM, as they not only increase their income with us, they are offered the added protection of the best legal support available if it is needed.

Traders Union’s figures – the numbers speak volumes!

work experience
10 years and counting
amount of payments to customers
more than $10 000 000
rebate amount
up to 100% of affiliate payment
number of reliable brokers
more than 200
number of participants
more than 300 000 traders
There is no fee to join the Traders Union, it is free for each trader, and registration is fast and easy. It only takes only 5 minutes.
Additional services for traders from Traders Union

Additional services for traders:

the latest market analytics
free legal advice
professional support service
attractive affiliate program
daily traders’ contests

How does Traders Union help traders choose reliable brokers?

The Traders Union makes choosing reliable brokers stress-free as well as saving you time and money. The Traders Union’s Forex brokers rating gives you all of the information you need so that you no longer need to spend countless hours of research on companies and reading reviews about them. We have done the hard part for you. Our team of professional analysts has studied the activities and reputation of all Forex brokers as well as followed every review closely on the market for over 10 years. We have expertly compiled all of this information into a simple to use format exclusive to our members. We recommend that our traders work only with proven Forex brokers who meet our very strict criteria and those with a strong reputation for fulfilling their obligation and consistently withdraw funds. The “Best Forex Brokers” in the market make it to the top of our ranking of Forex companies with strict criteria that they must meet.
How Traders Union helps traders

This rating system consists of data derived from thousands of traders’ reviews and their trade indicators which we have access to and analyze carefully. No one else in the Forex market has this level of access to analyze data directly from such a wide network of traders. This makes our rating system the most trusted and reliable.

Opening an account with a Forex broker through Traders Union (visiting broker’s official website from the Traders Union website), you will automatically receive special rebates that you otherwise would not receive if you open your account with the broker directly. This proves that taking your first steps in trading on the Forex exchange through the Traders Union is more profitable. That is why the Traders Union is considered the best place to start your trading.

Not only will you have access to valuable broker information, but you will also save money and have the best learning opportunities to increase earnings and make your trading successful.
Traders Union protects your investments

Traders Union protects your investments!

If you are a professional trader and serious investor with a vast investment portfolio, you will find that joining the Traders Union will provide added protection to your investments. Simply join us and open your accounts with your brokers of choice.
Because of the large number of Forex brokers who violate their obligations, your risks increase as you expand your investments. You will get added protection and support with the Traders Union. You will benefit from our free legal assistance, which has proven to be effective hundreds of times.
Also, Traders Union has a compensation fund, which was established as insurance for traders to protect traders from possible material damage caused by unscrupulous Forex brokers. This gives traders additional protection along with legal support. You will reduce your risk of any adverse actions from dishonest brokers. Another great reason why thousands of investors in the Forex market choose Traders Union as a tool to protect their investments and increase their profitability.
The Traders Union is your reliable partner in resolving any issues related to trading activities in the international Forex currency market!

Legal Disclaimer

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The website is created as an information resource to improve the financial awareness of traders in the Forex market, as well as their professional skills. No information on the site shall be interpreted as an incentive to invest in the Forex market, which consists of high-risk investments. All information on our website was created as an information product only to inform traders and cannot be considered as any guarantee or promise of profitability in any interpretation. The site consists of an affiliate or advertising payments from some brokers; however, this does not affect the objectivity of our ratings and reviews, which are independent and unbiased.

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Author of this article

John Davis
Traders Union Review was prepared by
John Davis
Author and Analyst, The Traders Union

John Davis has been a Traders Union’s financial analyst and economic observer since 2015. During this time, he has prepared more than 100 analytical articles on technical and fundamental analysis, issued many reviews on financial companies, and developed more than 10 of his trading systems.

John’s motto: Help everyone rise from a beginner trader to a professional.



What is the Traders Union?

Traders Union is the largest community of traders in the world. Working through Traders Union, traders receive many advantages: additional income in the form of a refund of a part of the spread (rebate), protection of their rights and legal support, as well as possibility to earn money without investments, full information support, free advice on the work of Association.

How to start working with Traders Union?

Becoming a member of the Traders Union takes simple registration on the Union’s website ( Registration is free and takes only five minutes of your time.

How to get payments from Traders Union?

To start receiving payments from Traders Union, as well as several additional services: free legal and information support, you need to select a Forex broker listed from our rating, and open a trading account through our site. Traders Union will pay you part of the spread or commission for every transaction you make, even if you make a loss.

How does the Traders Union protect investments?

Traders Union has a legal department dealing with the settlement of disputes arising in the process of work between traders and brokers. Thus, the investments of each Traders Union’s clients are under the reliable protection of professional lawyers.