Rules of taking part in the Traders Union contests

Registration and Rules for participation:

  • • To participate in Traders Union contests, you must be a registered member of the Union and have access to your personal account by using the username and password specified during registration.
  • • To access the Contests section, use the dedicated tab on the website’s Main menu – Traders Union Contests.
  • • To participate in a contest, select one in the table by clicking on it and press the Registration button.
  • • After that, select a broker, specify the number of your demo account and investor password for it in the pop-up window. Our system will use this account for recording the results of your trading.
  • Note!

    If you participate in the contest using the Demo-Pro account of RoboForex, the results of the account may be recorded incorrectly. To check the percentage of profit on this type of demo account, submit a request for recalculation of the results in the format, determined by the existing rules.

    The Rules are:

  • • To perform transactions on the trading account, please use the MT4 trading platform. There you will enter the account number and your trading password.
  • • All registered members of the Traders Union may participate in contests.
  • • The period and duration of contests are from 10.05 p.m. to 3.55 p.m. CET.
  • • All participants agree to the publication of their nickname and trading results in the form of reports from the contest account in the corresponding section of the website.
  • • Only one Contest account from trader can be added for each contest. If the system determines that the same person registered several personal accounts to participate in the contest, such person will be disqualified without the right to reinstatement.
  • • Participation of several personal accounts from one IP address in a Traders Union contest is prohibited.
  • • Participation of several family members in the same contest is prohibited. To continue to participate in TU contests, you are required to verify all accounts that will participate in the contests. After verification, you will be able to participate in the contests.
  • • Traders who scored award-winning places twice are recommended to open a live trading account with one of TU’s brokerage partners and link the account to our website, in the Accounts section.
  • • Registration in the contest means full recognition and acceptance of these Rules by the contest participant.

Performance of transactions on the contest account:

  • • Transactions by the participants in the contests are performed on their demo accounts using the MetaTrader 4 trading platform (desktop or mobile versions) and also web-trader. Use of the MT5 trading platform is not permitted.
  • • Trading on the TU contest accounts using advisors, scripts, and/or copy trading services is prohibited. Trading on the contest account must be performed by the trader and by opening and closing orders manually.
  • • The transactions must be performed exclusively using the EUR/USD currency pair. Transactions performed using other currency pairs are not allowed.
  • • All trades must be performed exclusively within the framework of the contest.
  • • All trades that remain open when the contest closes (i.e., ends) will be disqualified and ineligible for inclusion in the final results.
  • • When preparing to register for a current contest, a participant must first close all open trades.
  • • All trades that are open prior to the start of the contest and closed during the contest will likewise be disqualified and ineligible for inclusion in the final results.
  • • If the contest has already started at the moment of your registration for the contest, all your trades performed after you registered for the contest will be taken into account during the calculation of the percentage of profit.

Determination and awarding the winners:

  • • The key indicator is profitability in percentage, calculated based on the ratio of earned money to the total deposit.
  • • The number of prize-winning places that can be won by one participant is limited to one prize-winning place for one contestant in each contest. Eligibility for registration and participation in the next contest will be available in the next month following the month in which the participant became a winner.
  • • The list of prizes is published in the website section titled Traders Contests.
  • • The results of each contest and the names of the winners are published within two business days after the contest closes on the Traders Union website. You can find the results in the section titled Traders Contests. Also, the winner of each contest will be notified by email.
  • • The prize money is paid after the claims regarding the finished contest are accepted and verified, and the final results are announced.

Claims and disputes

  • • All claims that participants may have during the contest and during the determination of the results will be considered by Traders Union. For this, a participant in the contest needs to send the claim to [email protected] with a note headed “Traders Union Contest”, and providing the following information:
    • a

      Number of the contest;

    • b

      Username on Traders Union;

    • c

      Name of the brokerage company;

    • d

      Trading account number;

    • e

      Investor password;

    • f


    • g

      The essence of the claim.

    Claims sent in another manner will not be accepted.
  • • The claims related to the impossibility to perform a transaction on the contest account due to poor connection quality on the side of the participant of the contest or the broker are not accepted for consideration.
  • • An update of the contest is performed once each day, before 10:00 noon CET time, from Monday till Friday. The claims related to the contest are accepted within 48 business hours after the contest is over and after all legitimate claims are accepted and considered, The final results of the contest are announced on the third business day after the contest closes. The Award Payment on a contest is performed on the third business day after the contest closes.

Liabilities and rights of the parties:

  • • In case a participant violates the Rules on the Traders Union Contests, the Union has the right to nullify the results of the participant of the contest, notifying him/her thereof by email, as specified during the registration on the website.
  • • A participant has the right to submit claims related to the contest within the period specified in the Rules, to the following address: [email protected].
  • • A participant agrees to observe and abide by these Rules. In case of a violation of these Rules, a participant may be disqualified from the TU contest without the right to participate further, with notification about it sent to his/her email, as specified during the registration on the website.
  • • The Traders Union reserves the right to unilaterally change and supplement these Contest Rules without prior notice.