Contests Rules

Registration and terms of participation
  • To take part in the IAFT contests you need to be a registered participant and enter your Personal Office by using your username and password.
  • Use special Traders Contests tab to go to the contests section in the Personal Office.
  • To take part in one of the contests you need to select it in the table by clicking on it and then click Register on the right from the table.
  • Fill out the corresponding fields specifying the name of the dealing center, the number of your demo account and investor password. This account will be used by our system to record the results of your trading. If you do not have a demo account you can obtain it from our partner.
  • To perform operations in your trading account you will need MT4 trading terminal, where you will enter the account number and your trading password.
  • All registered participants of IAFT can take part in the contests.
  • Time of holding and the duration of the contests is from 10.05 p.m. to 3.55 p.m. CET.
  • All participants give their consent for publishing their nickname and trading results in the form of contest account reports in the corresponding section of the site.
  • One account from one user profile can be used for entering only one contest. If the system determines that the same person has registered several user profiles to participate in contests he will be expelled from IAFT.
  • Those traders, who won the contests twice, have reached the limit of participation in the contests. Now you can open a real account in one of the broker companies and add it to the Accounts section of our website.
  • By registering in contests you fully agree to the present Rules.

Performing operations in the contest account
  • Participants’ operations are performed in their demo accounts through MetaTrader4 trading terminal.
  • Trading on accounts participating in the IAFT contests is strictly forbidden with the help of advisors, scripts – services of transactions coping. Trading on contest accounts are performed directly by the trader, by opening and closing of orders manually.
  • The operations are done exclusively on EUR/USD pair. Transactions performed on other pairs will not be considered.
  • All transactions are performed exclusively within the contest.
  • Having an open transaction at the end of the contest will lead to disqualification.
  • Having an open transaction before the start of the contest and closing it within the contest will lead to disqualification.

Identifying and awarding the winners
  • The main indicator is the profit in percentage terms calculated as the ratio of means earned to total deposit.
  • The number of prize winning places taken by one participant is limited.

    For daily contests, the maximum number of the prize winning places is 1. It means, that one trader can take the prize winning place only in one daily contest a month.

    For weekly contests the maximum number of prize winning places is 1. It means that one trader can take a prize winning place only in one weekly contest a month.

    Registration for participating in contests will be available in a month following the one where the participant has exhausted the number of allowed prize winning places.

  • The list of prizes is shown in Traders Contests section of IAFT webpage.
  • Contest results and winner names are published within two business days in Traders Contests section of IAFT webpage. The winner of the contest is also notified by e-mail.
  • The prizes are credited within 2 business days after the announcement of results to the balance at IAFT Association.

Claims and disputes
  • All claims from the participants as to the holding of the contests and identifying the results are considered by IAFT. To file a claim, the participant needs to send it via e-mail to specifying Traders Contests in the subject field. The claim letter shall contain:
    a. Your username at IAFT;
    b. Name of the company;
    c. Trading account number:
    d. Investor password;
    e. Server;
    f. The subject of your claim.
    All claims filed in any other form shall not be considered.
  • Claims related to failure to perform operations in contest account due to poor connection on the contestant's side shall not be considered.
  • Claims related to daily contests are accepted until 9 a.m CET of the day following the completion of the contest, related to weekly contests – within 24 hours after their completion, and monthly – within 48 hours after their completion.

Responsibilities and rights of the parties
  • In case of violation of IAFT traders Contest Rules traders by the participant, the Union has the right to cancel the participant’s results of the contest with notification by e-mail, specified dupon registration.
  • Participant has a right to file a claim relatrd to contests within a specified time via this address
  • Participant takes the responsibility for compliance of the present Rules. In case of the violation of Rules, participant may be expelled from IAFT traders contests without the right of further participation with notification about via e-mail, specified upon registration.