Terms, conditions, and rebates that affect trader's income

A trader's income is one of the key sections of the Traders Union website and an essential auxiliary tool for a trader, which allows you to compare brokers’ payments to Traders Union and instructions for using Traders Union’s easy-to-use database.

Traders Union collects data on the number of partner payments for each broker who is a Traders Union partner in the form of a convenient comparative table that clearly shows how much a trader will receive in additional income (i.e., rebates) daily or monthly in the form of a reward for each completed transaction, even a losing one.

The list of brokers is sorted and presented in alphabetical order making your selection of the best broker for you an easy task. The table details the broker’s commission and the conditions and restrictions for partner payments to the Traders Union. Additionally, the page contains an interactive section with an active scroll bar, which allows you to sort brokers by the number of additional payments from the Traders Union.

How to calculate your income at Traders Union?

This area on the website consists of three sections that will assist you in calculating the rebate amount. The three sections are:

A list of Forex reputable brokers.

A tool that allows you to sort by rebate size.

Tables describing affiliate rates and restrictions.

Follow these five simple steps to calculate the amount of rebate income and start receiving payments from the Traders Union:


Select a broker from the list and put a tick in front of it.

You can select an unlimited number of brokers on the list. Next, compare the conditions of each brokerage firm for payments based on the spreads.


Review the four-column table which shows for each broker:

the rebate amount for one standard lot (100,000 units of the base currency) for each type of account or instrument in points, percent, or dollars; the percentage of the broker's partner payment that you will receive for trading with you selected company; and the broker’s conditions and restrictions for the implementation of affiliate payments; and the payment amount from Trader Union.


Calculate your income by applying the data from the second column.

Calculate the size of the spread (i.e., broker’s commission) for one standard lot. Next, find the part indicated in the broker's table with the Traders Union from this amount. Finally, find the percentage of payment from the Traders Union.

Example.For each transaction made with FxPro, Traders Union pays $4.8 rebate per 1 standard lot.

Using this same method, you can calculate any broker’s and Trader Union’s rebate to you.


Examine the broker's limitations.

When calculating the size of the rebate from the Traders Union, you should also consider any applicable restrictions by brokers on the MTP (minimum number of points), like: time restrictions, or restrictions on certain types of accounts and investment programs. Some brokers set the MTP for all trading instruments. For transactions that do not meet the established restrictions, the partner does not pay the Traders Union. Also, some companies do not make payments for certain types of accounts, bonuses, or investment programs. These data can be found in the last column of the table entitled "Conditions for calculating agency commission".

If this column indicates no restrictions on payment, then no additional conditions will affect your rebate income from Traders Union.


Go to the broker's profile and open an account.

After you select a broker's rebate size most suitable for your cooperation, click on the company's name and that will take you to the broker’s profile page. There, you will find all the necessary information about the broker's trading conditions. You can also go to the company's website using the Traders Union referral link and open a trading account. Thereafter, you will receive additional payments in the form of rebates from the Traders Union daily or monthly, depending on the broker’s terms and conditions.

Partner rules

Select reward:

0% 100%

The Traders Union also offers a tool called "Income Calculator". With this easy-to-use tool you can calculate the approximate amount of payments from the Traders Union. A link to the service is placed in the table opposite each broker. It will significantly facilitate your choice of a broker. It will also display the number of additional payments that you can start receiving tomorrow as you continue to cooperate with the broker on its agreed-upon terms.


The income calculator's functionality performs simple calculations and not an exact — but an approximate — calculation of additional payments from Traders Union. This information is indicated in the description of the service and you are encouraged to review it. The calculator does not include data on broker limits or the values of floating spreads, so use this as an auxiliary service to discover approximate totals only.